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Latest version (Mark II) of the BMW K1200LT Ibus radio interface.  A re-design of the original unit, this one features a more robust connector system, the Infra red LED socket and the 3.5mm resistive sockets are now built on to the board. 

This version is sold WITHOUT software which will be invoiced separately at £109.99

The BMW K1200LT Ibus interface. Allows the fitting of a modern car stereo head unit, retaining full control of the original 'bike controls and display. Currently compatible with Alpine, Pioneer, Sony JVC and Kenwood but others to come shortly.


What it can do:

It pretends to be the original radio and allows the original controls to function as they did with the original radio. It works by converting the Ibus data flowing around the 'bike's systems into an Infra Red signal, just like a TV remote control to operate an aftermarket head unit. The IR LED lives just in front of the radio where it can see the sensor.  It is compatible with most Alpine IR head units, Pioneer and Sony resistive radios, Kenwood IR (next update) and others. If you have a radio not in the database, let me know what you have and it can be easily added. Any radio with an IR control can be compatible, especially if you have a control and can loan it to me for an hour!  Tested with Alpine CD-173BT (USA) CDE-193BT, CDE-205DAB and Pioneer DEH-8700DAB. Kenwood and JVC libraries have recently been added.  Testing and develpment work has shown that Alpine radios offer the best control potential and are strongly recommended.

It can control other devices. There is an open collector output that can be configured to control whatever you wish (relays etc required for heavy loads) including the PTT for a communications radio. You choose which original button is used to operate it. I use the SC/RP button for PTT as an example.

It writes to the original display. Because there is no physical connection from the new radio to the Ibus, there is a limit to what can be displayed. The interface makes intelligent assumptions though and tracks the use of the "source" button, displaying the currently selected source. The latest update has added band switching and radio preset display too. It can't follow dynamic operations like radio scanning or station idents etc though of course because there is no real time data transmitted from the radio..

It allows customisation. You may prefer a different control mapping to the original BMW system. If so, the interface can be supplied with your preferred mapping, or you can ask for a modified software version and upload it yourself.

Hands free ' phone. With the microphone fitted into your helmet, you can use the hands free capabilities of your chosen head unit. The interface allows one of the stingray buttons to operate the "Voice control" in your 'phone, so that you can make calls if you have to, as well as receive them on the move.

Installation.  Very simple to install with only three / four connections required. Ground, 12V Ign, ACC and Ibus, all available in the radio housing. If your radio has a blue/white switched output, you only need three connections as the ACC and 12V are strapped together. There is a small IR LED to put in view of the radio and that is it! (Resistive radios like Pioneer have a 3.5mm plug for the back of the radio). The module is slim enough to fit on top of the new radio and if you plug in the supplied mini USB cable, can be updated with the latest software without having to dismantle everything.

Upgrades.  Many upgrades are planned for the near future, including compatibility with more radios and speed dependant volume control. These software updates will be supplied free of charge for owners to update the interface.

Design. The design is based around an Arduino Nano deliberately to allow end users to update the software as required. It also means that anyone software literate can modify the software as desired.



When you have made the  purchase, you MUST let us know which radio head unit you have chosen, together with any special requirements, so that the software can be customised to suit your choice of radio. You will then receive a separate invoice by email, value £109.99 for the software.


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k1200lt Ibus software for G6FGO radio interface module. k1200lt Ibus software for G6FGO radio interface module.
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